Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice Luminaries, Snowflakes and Wreaths

I mentioned in my last post about doing a whole post on ice luminaries. I have seen so many beautiful ideas  for them on different websites and  blogs. I  thought I would try to put some all in one place. I just think ice luminaries are so peaceful and beautiful and along with ice wreaths and ice snowflakes would make wonderful winter decorations.
Perhaps my favorite ice decorations are these beautiful lace and ice snowflakes from Resurrection Fern.   They really are quite stunning. They are made from old doilies found at thrift stores , yard sales, etc. and tins. I think it would be neat to make various sizes too. Wouldn't this make for a beautiful entry  for guests arriving at your home?  Remember to click on any photo to make it larger and you will be able to see the beauty in these.

Picture from Resurrection Fern

Picture From Resurrection Fern
I also really like her wreaths.                                                                   
Photo -Resurrection Fern
     Instructions for this can also be found at Resurrection Fern here

     Ice Wreaths

Here are some more beautiful ice projects

This tabletop ice luminary I found years ago in an old Better Homes And Gardens magazine. The instructions are a bit blurry  but basically you make this one in a bread pan and use small cans weighted down with small rocks for the votive sections. To remove the cans when water has frozen just place a little warm or hot water in the cans and remove. Insert votives where cans were. Remember to place this on a waterproof pan to catch melting water. So simple and basically nothing to buy!

I love this next idea also found long ago at BHG
I especially love the square luminary on the right.

Better Homes And Gardens

A simple garland of blueberries and kumquats accents a window box brimming with votive candles and ice wreaths. To make your own ice wreath, place a coffee can weighted with rocks in the center of a square metal baking pan, add an inch or so of distilled water, and partially freeze. Place greenery on top of the partially frozen water, then add more water and refreeze. Gently pop the wreath out of the pan (and remove the coffee can) by dipping the pan in warm water. Nestle the wreath into soil in your window box or brace it with blocks of ice, then place a pillar candle behind it.

I love the frosted look of these next luminaries from Raised In Cotton and how they are nestled in greens .Wouldn't these be great to serve a cold dessert in?

Photo- Raised In Cotton

   Directions For Cranberry Ice Lanterns- Raised In Cotton
   Here are some different luminaries found also at Raised In Cotton

   More ice luminaries

   I love the amount of cranberries in this next ice wreath .

Photo- Craftown


    Instructions for this wreath can be found at  Craftown

   Here are some from Simply Home And Family
   Ice Decorations Simply Home And Family

  Here are some beautiful ones from Stonewall Kitchen. Notice the star apple slices in the one luminary.

Picture -Stonewall Kitchen
                                                                      Directions here

These ice sculptures over at Craftberry Bush are amazing!

Picture- Craftberry Bush

I think these reindeer ice wreaths over at  How Does She? are just adorable! You can make them with apples instead of carrots.

This one I found over at Creative Homestyle

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