Friday, August 13, 2010

Adventures With Lori

My friend Lori is just about the sweetest person you could meet. She is so nice and I consider her a true friend which in this day and age is hard to find. She has a great family and lives in the cutest house filled with the most adorable things she has found mostly at yard sales and antique stores. Lori and I love going on antiquing/thrifting trips. We have done several of these now and we have such fun doing them. We meet at one or the others house first for tea and a home baked goody and we usually give the host person a small gift and exchange a recipe or two. Then we head off for the antique and /or thrift, consignment or gift shops. In the fall we also go to farm like stores for apples and cider donuts and the like. This past Wednesday was another one of our trips! We met at Lori's this time and had raspberry muffins and tea! We headed off to a neighboring town in Lori's husband's truck. I love when we bring a truck because then we know we can bring home just about anything. We hit all the antique stores that we like there and then went out to lunch(we always do lunch too!) . Lori didn't find much in the way of thrifty antique finds this time around but I did come home with a few neat finds. Here's what I came home with

I bought this so I could do this

I have been looking for an old manure fork for a long time but they all were so expensive. I got the one above for $7.00!

My grandma had a pitcher identical to this only hers had matching juice glasses. It brought back a lot of memories.
I found this solid oak heavy stool for $6.00 so I could do this
A few old vintage books for a dollar a piece to add to my book collection.

This is not vintage pink glass. You can click the picture to see the design up close. The glasses are only 3-4 inches tall and the pitcher only about 7-8 inches tall. I thought it would be nice for a brunch get together with a red drink in it.

Can't wait for our next get together!!


  1. Oh, you got some awesome things! I can't wait to see you transform the stool and fork. Love that you found a pitcher like your grandmother's; you'll think of her every time you use it.

  2. Girl, you did fine! I love the red gingham pitcher. We had one like it too. Can't wait to see your makeover projects!

  3. Love the Indian corn and pitch fork!!!! I have a few pitch forks around here somewhere, now I just need me some corn!

    You always find the neatest things!

  4. Those are GREAT finds. I wanna go with you two!

  5. good stuff here! Love the pitchfork especially!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    Oh oh oh...I just love your finds!!! I can't wait to see the rake adorned w/indian corn. You won't have any trouble finding that will you? Where will you hang it? On the porch?

    I love your little kitty book "Goody." Aaaww!! I am always drawn to vintage childrens books. They bring back such memories for me.

    I'm glad you got out & had a good time. :o)