Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Last Day Of School

Good morning sweet friends and happy first day of summer! Today in Franklin it is the last day of school for elementary students. For many , it is a day eagerly awaited. However, when I was in JFK Elementary School in Brewster, NY from 1967- I973 I always was sad on the last day of school. I loved school. I loved my teachers and missed them each year terribly. Growing up on Milltown Rd. in Brewster we had very little. Many of the kids would always bring in fancy gifts as end of year teacher presents but we did not have the money for that. I fondly recall however, my mom always making my elementary teachers each June a corsage from the most fragrant pink roses bushes in front of our house. She would carefully pick them the night before the last day of school and pick the thorns off and add small ferns and and wrap it carefully in a wet napkin or paper towel and place it in the refrigerator for the next morning. My mom sewed a lot (she's an expert seamstress) and she even added a corsage pin she had gotten from her Home Sew catalog . I remember being so proud carrying that prepared rose on the bus and into school . And I remember my teachers always loving them. This morning I called mom to ask her what kind of roses they were and if we had planted them or if they were there when we moved in. She said they were Heirloom Pink Moss roses and they were there when we moved in. They could have been planted as far back as the 1800's! You can still buy the roses today! I think I know what I am going to ask for for my 30th wedding anniversary present! On the internet they actually list them as lilac pink moss roses. When I saw the picture the memories came flooding back . They were the prettiest shade of pink with a yellowy center and I remember them being very fragrant. Our home on Milltown Rd. no longer stands but I often wonder if those Heirloom pink moss roses are still growing there. I bet they are.
We may have been poor back then and my memories aren't all happy but I am certainly rich in the memory of bringing those Heirloom Pink Moss roses to school every year on the last day.
Here's hoping all the children have a wonderful memory making summer!
Do you have memories from the last day of school? Have a happy summer everyone!

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