Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Decorating Inside And Out!

I love to decorate, especially for the holidays ! I did simplify things a bit this Christmas though, so as not to be so stressed. Here are some pictures of our home inside and out decorated for Christmas. You can click any photo to make it bigger. 


My MIL made this Mr. & Mrs. Santa for me one year as a Christmas present.

My Christmas Card Tree

Kitchen Window
Ice Skating Rink- the skaters move around on the ice when you turn it on and it plays Christmas carols

My MIL painted this entire village for me as a Christmas present over a few Christmases.


Notice the upside down stool with the crock inserted as the tree base. With white lights, it looked cute  at night too.

The bench down by the pond

OOPS This is out of order. It is the angel on top of our tree. DH gave it to me 24 years ago.


  1. Oh, breath taking....EVERYTHING!
    You have my room ready, right?

  2. cosiness and atmosphere....a nice house in a nice setting. I like snow but it is in short supply here in Australia.
    cheers, Dennis