Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So Sorry For The Absence

I apologize for not posting to my blog in so long. Thanks for hanging in there and coming back! I have so much to catch up with and tell you! I hope everyone had a glorious holiday season! Below are some pics I posted of a heavy frost we received a few days before Christmas. This type of frost is known as a hoar frost. Weird name I know but it is oh so beautiful when it happens! A hoar frost is the tiny solid deposition of water vapor from saturated air(such as fog)  that instantly freezes on objects that are below freezing point. It generally happens when there are clear skies and at higher elevations. It looks as if I spray painted my greens on the front porch railing white here. In fact when I woke up that morning at first I thought it had snowed some more but actually all the white on the objects below are frost!

To me the kissing balls were the most beautiful!

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  1. It was Christmas perfect!! And I have been away from blog land waaaaay to long. Gotta keep an eye on you Miss Cindy, you have such awesome post.
    Love ya!