Friday, July 15, 2011

Graduation Festivities

First of all hello everyone. I fear I may be writing this post to myself as I am sure many of you have given up that I would ever post again as it has been some time since I have been here. I am back and ready to write. Thank you for being so patient. My daughter Brittany recently graduated from high school as class valedictorian! We are so very proud of her accomplishments.Graduation was wonderful but sad too. An ending but a beginning. We wanted to throw her a nice graduation party and I think we were successful. The weather gods were in our corner. It turned out to be a glorious ,sunny, picture perfect day .
Here are some photos from graduation and the party. As you can see the party pics are actually more decoration pics rather then pictures from the actual party as I was so busy runing around during the party itself. You can click any picture to make it larger. They are actually much clearer that way.

At the house before heading to graduation at the school.

                                                Britt and her brother LD(Little Dale) or Dale, Jr.

Britt and her dad, my DH

The happy graduate!

                                                           Britt delivering her valedictory speech.

                                            Britt and her close friends after graduation

                                                Britt walking out of the school for the last time.


       Britt's Kindergarten Graduation                                     
An old scale my dad gave me with an ivy planted in an old strainer.
                                               This has the sun's glare on it but it is an old window frame I found at a yard sale  and I put Britt's school pictures in it.

                                           Purple and gold(our school colors )  planted in barrels at the sidewalk entrance.

                                               An antique chalkboard with school pictures (K-12)

                                            Purple and gold johnny jump ups in an antique box

Our pond out back
                                       An info board about SUNY Geneseo (the college Britt is going to) and a graduation cap card box we made.

                                              Pics of Britt and a copy of her college acceptance letter in a frame.
                                             Under the vinyl which was on top of each colored tablecloth I put pictures of Brittany through the years.

                                                Our garage


Wildflower arrangements my son's GF made and put into mason jars for me. She was a huge help with this party! She's a keeper!

Purple and gold sand pails for the silverware.

An old drinking thermos on the drink table with wildflowers.

A purple and gold cupcake liner garland . I stuck small doilies in between.

                       It was the 4th Of July weekend so I stuck red, white and blue around for affect.

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  1. Your party rocks!! I am so glad you posted about the graduation. I saw your pics on GLU but I loved your writing style on this post. I am so proud of your daughter and she doesn't even know me!