Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some More Summer

Even though I have been mumbling about these last several days of  grueling hot weather, I really am enjoying summer. My flowers have been doing fairly well and we have been using the pool a lot! Here's a few shots I took around the house. You can click any image to make it larger.

My favorite wildflower from the neighboring field.   I wanted to snag them before they hayed the field.

Britt enjoying the pool.

I never tire of the view in the background. Swimming on a hot day and looking at that view is like heaven on Earth!

                                     I hope everyone is having a  great summer!!



  1. Your flowers do look amazing! We have lost so much here due to the heat. Britt looks so comfortable in the pool? Where are you??

  2. Thank you Terri! It is very time consuming keeping up with all of the flowers. Usually I am in the pool with Britt but I was tending to the flowers!

  3. Paradise, absolute PARADISE! Your flowers are just lovely....almost as lovely as Britt!! :o)

  4. I would never tire of that view either…beautiful!